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There’s more to life and more to love in Banksia Grove.

Where locals can have it all

At Banksia Grove, you truly can have it all. You’ll enjoy more green time and less screen time with picturesque parks, botanic gardens and walking trails to explore. And you’ll always feel at home with neighbours you’ll know by name and a community that’s always looking out for each other. Become a local at Banksia Grove and find out why it's one of WA's most loved communities!

I love being a local because the area is so family-friendly, from the walking trails to the parks and we also love that there is a good variety of shops nearby
Janelle, Banksia Grove local
  • Land from $158k
    Love building your new life in Banksia Grove
  • Beautiful open spaces
    Love the outdoor lifestyle with 18 parks to choose from
  • Thriving, family-friendly community
    Love a fun family lifestyle and an inclusive community that looks out for each other
  • Vibrant and lively Banksia Grove Village
    Love all the essentials just minutes from your door

Frequently asked questions

  • What First Home Buyer’s Grants are available?

    First Home Owner’s Grant (FHOG) - At present the Government of Western Australia is offering a once off payment of $10,000 to assist first home buyers to buy or build a new residential property.

    The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHLDS) – this is an Australian Government initiative. You should discuss this with your mortgage broker or bank, as there are certain criteria to ensure that you are eligible for this. Usually, first home buyers with less than 20% deposit are required to pay lenders mortgage insurance. Under this scheme, the Australian Government guarantees to a participating lender up to 15% of the value of the property purchased that is financed by an eligible first home buyer’s home loan, and eliminating the need for the buyer to pay lender’s mortgage insurance.

  • What is the difference between titled and untitled land?

    Titled land means individual blocks have been physically created, and there is now a record of the specific lot through a Certificate of Title, which is registered with the Land Registry. The block is now able to be settled by the purchaser. If you’re purchasing titled land, this means you can start building straight away!

    Untitled land means the above process has not yet taken place. It could be under construction, or yet to be developed. When purchasing untitled land, you will be advised of an estimated Title Due Date by our Land Sales Consultant, for when your new block will be ready to build on.

  • What is the process of buying land in WA?

    1. Do your research
    Start the process by doing your research. This includes: different locations, consider existing and planned infrastructure, access to amenities, resale value and lifestyle factors, such as proximity to work and to family/friends.

    2. Finance & Pre-Approval:
    Speak to your Broker or Bank to find out how much you can afford to spend on your new home and land package. Your bank will then be able to supply you with a pre-approval letter, and a broker can supply you with a letter of eligibility to apply for finance, which will be needed when buying land.

    3. Secure your block
    Once you have your finances sorted, it’s time to secure your perfect block!

    4. Contract Signing & Deposit
    Once you have found the block you wish to purchase, you will need to sign the contract to purchase and pay the relevant deposit required ($1,000). This deposit will be placed into a Trust Account and will be subtracted from the final purchase costs. You will be required to nominate a settlement agent, who assists with the processing of the title of land from the Seller to the Buyer.

    5. Apply for Finance
    Once the contract is signed, you should start working towards obtaining finance approval for the block, if finance is required. This is done by your directly through your bank, or a mortgage broker.

    6. Settlement
    Once finance has been approved, the land contract may be settled, meaning the title of the land can be placed into the name of the Buyer. Once settlement is complete, you’re officially a landowner!
    That means you’ll be able to start the next process: building your home.

    Link: Find out more 

  • What’s included when I buy a block in Banksia Grove?

    When you build your home in Banksia Grove, side and rear fencing and front landscaping is included in your purchase. When you move in, you’ll have access to the state of the art fibre to the home broadband network, LBNCo. Find out more about the inclusions. 

  • What do different soil types mean?

    When building a home, soil type classification is an important factor, as it determines the foundation of your new home.

    Banksia Grove has Class A soil, which is the best soil type classification to build on.

    Here are the different soil types:

    Class A (stands for Acceptable): This is the highest quality site classification, which means there is little to no ground movement from moisture changes (such as sand and rock). With this soil type, there is no additional drainage specifications required and the builder can lay a standard slab on it. A class A site is most sought after by builders and is most common in land subdivisions in WA.

    Class S (stands for Satisfactory): This soil type is slightly reactive with only slight ground movement from moisture changes (such as clay sites). If you buy an S class site, you will need a combination of onsite stormwater retention as well as a connection to council drainage system.

    Class M (Moderately Reactive – moderate ground movement), H (Highly reactive – high ground movement) and P (Problem – includes soft soils that are subject to erosion) are very rarely offered.

  • What are Design Guidelines and why are they important?

    Design Guidelines are a written format of the expected streetscape and builtform outcome within Banksia Grove. The purpose of design guidelines is to create a theme to encourage a cohesive and quality outcome for new homes. When building a home, it is important to review these guidelines, as it will affect external colour and material selections and possibly feature structural requirements for your new home. Design Guidelines for Banksia Grove can be found here.

    Design Guidelines extend not only to residential properties, but also to commercial and mixed-use buildings within town centre and local village centres. Parks and open spaces also refer to these guidelines to ensure all of the facilities and public spaces reflect the theme and quality expected in Banksia Grove.

  • How do I choose the right block?

    Considering the right block for you is extremely important. Firstly, know your budget, which includes the approximate building costs. Consider the location, such as proximity to shops, schools and parks. Look at the orientation of the block, as this can affect the energy efficiency and possibly your floorplan. Finally, consider the block size and shape, as this will affect the size of your home and backyard.

    Check out our top 5 tips things to consider when choosing your block.

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